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Welcome to Your New Paris Baguette Bakery Café!

Today, we’re thrilled to announce that your local bakery café is being reimagined. We’re taking your café experience and making it just that much better so there’s even more to love with every visit, every cup of coffee, and every meal shared together. So, what does that mean?  

  • You’ll soon start to notice new modern and welcoming café designs
  • Distinguished branding on everything from our uniforms to packaging (Hello, new blue coffee cup!)
  • And an enhanced digital and mobile presence that connects you faster and in a more personalized way with Paris Baguette

Here’s a few words from our Chief Marketing Officer Pete Bell on what’s happening, “We believe that every neighborhood deserves to have its very own bakery café and we’re on a mission to make that happen. With the brand evolution, we wanted to push beyond the wonderful service and delicious food offerings you’ve come to expect and set the stage for exactly what the ideal café experience should look, feel and smell like. Our new design reinforces our goal to create a heartfelt, authentic and detail-oriented atmosphere that sparks moments of joy, community connection and changes our definition of hospitality.”

We didn’t do this alone. All along this journey to reestablish our bakery cafés as the heart of your communities, we worked closely with our friends from Push, an Orlando-based creative agency with expertise in multi-unit branding and marketing, and Zebra, a global commercial interior design and architecture firm who transform spaces into extraordinary brand experiences. We asked them to share a little bit about this transformation:

“The warm, long-standing relationship between a bakery and its neighbors has somehow been lost along the way,” said John Ludwig, CEO, Push. “Paris Baguette captures those feelings of welcome and warmth daily; the rebrand is designed to remind people of what they have been missing. It’s a place where they’re not only going to see, smell and taste what the brand has to offer, but truly reconnect with their neighbors, family and friends, all in a setting that is inviting, authentic and exciting.”

“As we thought about the design, we wanted to stay true to what the brand stands for: expertly crafted goods made for life’s moments big and small and a pride for the people and neighborhoods that we live in, work in, dine in,” said Ashley Popich, Director of Interior Design, Zebra. “Consumers want more out of every interaction, every touchpoint with a brand. They want to be immersed and have a personalized experience. We translated that into a distinguished environment that could be brought to life through the walls of your local bakery café, your Paris Baguette.”

Another piece of the transformation is deepening our commitment to being the backbone of our neighborhoods with our “Love Baked In” community initiatives. There is a lot more to come about these programs and how you can get involved.

Now that you’ve heard a bit about this new Paris Baguette, let’s take a walk through what it looks like.

An elegant entrance that gives you an immediate glimpse at our bakers and cakers hard at work through a giant, inviting window and a preview of the expertly crafted baked and brewed goods you’ll get inside.

Walking through the main doors immediately ignites the senses with the smell of fresh baked goodness and sights of delectable charm through display cases.

You’ll notice that enveloping warmth of welcome and community spirit through dining spaces and murals customized with images of local landmarks (do you recognize the landmarks here?).

The aesthetic comes to life as French architectural features that add eclectic flair with contrasting modern elements surrounded by a palette of blues dancing amongst soft white textures and grounded by dark accents. 

And, for the final touch, the smell. You’ll have to come visit for that. See you soon!  

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